Gardening 101


Photo Credit Talianna-lam

Christopher Gravina, Freelancer

Did you ever want to start your own garden? With appropriate conditions coming, starting a garden could be a great hobby and a way to grow fresh produce. You can grow a wide variety of vegetables as long as you maintain them and have adequate space. You can grow tomatoes, green beans, and carrots, or even strawberries. Make sure you water your crops regularly. The location of your garden is also very important to your plants. Make sure the soil has proper nutrients and a good amount of sunlight. Adding fertilizer and organic matter can improve your soils quality for your plants. Make sure you always grow plants at the correct times throughout the year. Some plants grow later in the year, and different plants will have different first harvests. Work hard and look wait for your hard work to pay out when you have your own, fresh, home grown, vegetables.