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2018-2019 Staff

Mrs. Cavaliere and Ms. Milazzo


Mrs. Cavaliere is one of Port Media's advisors, and you can find her running about the NHS Library with a megaphone and pom-poms (even though she has never been a cheerleader,) most likely pushing databases and Noodletools onto...

Emma Glick


Emma is a senior and the Editor-in-Chief of The Port Press. She is a beauty blogger and loves sharing her tips and looks on her Instagram blog. Emma is the creator of the Have a dilemma? Ask Emma! advice column in which she is...

LeeAnn Chu

Copy Editor

LeeAnn has worked from an early age to attempt to read every fantasy book in the world. She loves her two cats, her small library of books, and dark chocolate. After a successful journey through East Northport Middle School, she...

Kaia Beatty


Kaia Beatty is currently a junior at Northport High School, who loves to read, write stories, and draw. In addition, she loves traveling the world, eating noodles, and sleeping until noon. Her favorite subjects in school include...

Aidan Athanasio


Aidan Athanasio is a junior this year. She enjoys playing soccer, reading and watching movies.

William Doyle


William Doyle is a senior who has recently rediscovered the thrill of reading.  In his free time he likes to teach himself programming languages, write essays, and, of course, read.  His favorite genre is Dystopian societal...

Nathaniel Wang


Nathaniel is a senior and a "real human being". In his spare time, Nathaniel may be found working on programming projects, building model ships, or listening to music. Do not ask him what genres he listens to; he will not tel...

Amelia Semple


Amelia is a sophomore at Northport High School, and when she isn’t studying for all her classes, she loves writing and fashion design. She is also a lover of theater and is a overall bookworm. Amelia’s main goal is just to...

Liam Mickulas-Mesco


Liam Mickulas-Mesco is a 9th grade student. He enjoys writing about current events in pop culture, and likes to make personality quizzes. His favorite subject is History and English, and an odd fact about him is that he wants...

Michael Puglisi


Michael Puglisi is a newcomer to Port Press, hoping to make his mark. He has always liked journalism, and has worked on school newspapers before. He also enjoys creative writing and playing video games. Look forward to more upcoming...

Griffin Crafa


Griffin Crafa is a member of the Class 2021, and an active contributor for the Port Press, which he thoroughly enjoys doing. Griffin is also a part of the Northport Tiger Marching Band, and he aspires to achieve a leadership positio...

Emma Canfora


Emma Canfora is a senior this year. She is a political writer and commentator. She spent a semester in Washington working for the Senate and is happy to apply her experiences to her writings here. Emma hopes to study history and...

Sofiya Saykovska


Sofiya Saykovska is a junior at Northport High School. She enjoys film and video production, photography, dance, and music. She aspires to be a Film and Video editor, and her photography Instagram is: @sofsayphoto. This is her f...

Grace Reuschle


Grace Reuschle is a freshman here at Northport High School who loves to read books and watch movies. She’s so into reading that she read 40 books last year.

Elias Giuliano


Elias Giuliano is a sophomore at Northport High School, a nature photographer, a baker, a musician, and a tea addict. He lives with his mother, father, grandmother, and his only siblings- his dog and two cats. In his free time,...

Colin Shashaty


Colin is a junior at Northport High School who is a starting outfielder for the Varsity Baseball team. He enjoys making people laugh and talking about sports.  

Anna McNeill


Anna McNeill is entering her junior year at Northport High School (the pressure is on!) and is currently 15 years old. She is passionate about traveling, writing, and fashion, which is the reason why she mainly writes for the f...

Cali Alvarez

Social Media Coordinator, Contributor

Cali has been writing for Port Press since October 2018. She enjoys blogging, web/social media design, and all things creative. She also loves performing/acting, writing, and spending time in New York City. You can see her arti...

Sophia Martuscello

Social Media Coordinator, Contributor

Sophia Martuscello is an annual Comicon participant who loves going to concerts of all genres. She loves art, and is an Eggplant Parmesan connoisseur.

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