Want To Help Those In Need? Join Interact Club!


Photo Credit: rhsriders

Griffin Crafa, Contributor

Meetings: Typically Thursday, or as needed

Advisor: Mrs. Klein

Every Northport High School student knows that when golden signs start appearing around the school in the fall, the collection for Miss Minnie’s toy drive begins. This unique toy drive is run by Special Education Teacher Mrs. Harris, the members of Interact Club, and its adviser, Mrs. Klein, a Social Studies Teacher.  Miss Minnie’s toy drive actually dates back to Mrs. Harris’s grandmother, who was from a small, poor village in Jamaica. Contrary to the United States, in Jamaica, Christmas Eve is celebrated far more than Christmas Day is. Mrs. Harris’s grandmother started a tradition where she would give out cheese sandwiches to the children of the village; as stated above these children, were incredibly poor, and thus greatly appreciated the notion itself of receiving a gift. As Mrs. Harris’s grandmother’s family expanded, so did this tradition. Eventually, it was up to Mrs. Harris to decide if she would continue what her grandmother started. Clearly, she did, and to this day, Mrs. Harris travels to that same village every Christmas, passing out cheese sandwiches to the children, as well as the numerous toys and art supplies donated by NHS students.

Miss Minnie’s toy drive, though one of the biggest events, if not the biggest, is just one of the many community service projects Interact partakes in. In November and throughout the winter, Interact holds food drives outside of Stop and Shop. This year, a school supplies drive was started by Mrs. Klein, the principal adviser. Mrs. Klein has a friend that lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, a city that borders one of the poorest regions of this country, Appalachia. Her friend has two school-age children, however, money is tight, and they are unable to buy school supplies. For this reason, Interact Club created a school supplies drive, not only to benefit those children, but others who can benefit as well. In addition, club members can propose service ideas, and for the first time, during the last week of September, members decorated the Commons gold for Childhood Cancer awareness.

 So, if you want to make a difference in the school and national community, join Interact Club Today!