Commons Office Overhaul in the Works

Michael Puglisi, Contributor

Photo Credit: Michael Puglisi

Since 1964, the Commons Office has provided Northport High School with valuable functions, such as housing materials for banners, printing I.D.s, and more. But, as the Commons underwent some renovations, specifically getting new lighting, the age of the Commons Office began to show. For this reason, the Commons Office is getting a makeover as Northport High School undergoes renovations as well.

Mr. Danbusky devised a contest to give students the opportunity to design a new Commons Office. To enter, one had to create a visual aid of their new plan and explain it to the Principal and Assistant Principal. Ella Petri, whose plan was created using an online program, was the contest winner, and her vision will now be able to come to life.

So, what changes are coming to the commons office? As Ella explained, her plans include a new seating area, charging ports for Chromebooks and phones, and a television donated by the class of 2017. This TV set is planned to be used to show news, daily announcements, and updates on sports and clubs. While the design has not yet been finalized, the Commons Office will definitely be getting a modern upgrade.

Mr. Yarusso, who teaches woodworking and leads the re-engineering club was appointed project manager for the renovation. He is in charge of coordinating the construction efforts, which will be completed by his woodworking students. He will also supply materials, and make sure “everyone leaves with 10 fingers and 10 toes”, as he put it. The project will be paid for partially by district money and some fundraising projects. On November 1st, the old Commons Office will be destroyed, and construction will begin soon afterward. The completion time has not been arranged, and all Mr. Yarusso could say was “Two weeks”, a reference to the movie “Money Pit” (he had to explain it). We are looking forward to seeing the new Commons Office!