Music For Studying


Photo Credit: Sobre Sound

Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Contributor

I think that we can agree that studying for a test or quiz is one of the most tedious things to do. It drains your energy and numbs your brain. Whilst I don’t have a way to improve studying (at least not yet), I do have music recommendations for you to listen to when you study.

No, I don’t mean “Six Figures” By Justin Roberts (ew), or “Stoopid” by 6ix 9ine. I am also not talking about classical music, although it does relax you. What I am talking about… is two types of music. Indie Rock and Lo-Fi. Lofi breaks into many other types of itself, but the type I listen to is electronic.

The reason I suggest you listen to Lo-fi whilst you study is because it sounds nice without being distracting, like the way chirping crickets and wind chimes sound. Electronic Lo-fi songs don’t have any singing. It is just you and the music. The repetitive sounds of drums and an ever-growing bass lulls you into a calmed and relaxed mood, something also needed for studying. To find music like this, simply go to YouTube and search“Lo-fi 24/7 music stream”. You’re welcome.

The other genre of music I mentioned before would be Indie Rock. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “Rock? For studying? Are you daft?” No. I am not. Like I said, a way to find relaxing Indie Rock is by going to YouTube and searching something like, “Indie Rock Study Music”. There, your ears will be blessed with music. Unlike Lo-fi, Indie Rock, has lyrics. However, these lyrics are also calming and steadying. Tales of exploration and love are told through the songs and the instruments blending together into something amazing.

Before I go, I would like to suggest this video for you. It is an hour of Indie Rock. Search “Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – September 2018 (1½-Hour Playlist)”, and you will not regret it. Studying sucks, but if new music can help you through it, why not give it a try?