Music to De-Stress


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Photo Credit: National Institutes of Health

Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Contributor

I like music. I think by this point we’ve established this. I talked about the best music for studying, but what about when you get a 31% on math quarterly? You know that you studied as hard as you could. However, your parents aren’t going to see it this way. They never do. You aren’t ready for the conversation you’re about to have. Music may not fix everything, but I suggest that you either listen to what you enjoy or listen to the songs I recommend later on.

The first thing you should do is listen to music you enjoy. After all, this is how you calm down, not me. I can’t tell you what to enjoy. If you enjoy Screamo and that calms you down, listen to it. Listen to a few of your favorite songs from your favorite albums. It’ll either calm you down or get you into a happy mood. One thing to keep in mind is this: don’t play sad music. If you do this, you’ll “be in your feels”. You’ll wonder why you feel sadder than you should after listening to a song. You’ll realize that the reason for this is because you failed your math test. After that disappointing “re-realization”, you’ll remember that you have to talk to your parents about your grade. Nobody wants that.

If the music you enjoy isn’t relaxing you for some reason, remember that there are tons of other musical genres! Pop, rock, rap, and (sigh) trap is out there for you to listen to. I mentioned this a bit in my other article, but Lo-Fi is such a great genre of music. It makes you feel like you’re just… there. Not alive, but there. Floating in space… Sorry! I got lost. But, as I was saying, try Lo-Fi. If you don’t like it, ask your local Amazon Alexa to play “electronic relaxation”. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

The things that I talked about are really just what I do when I need to calm down. We all have our problems and we all have our issues. However, music brings us together in a way few other things can. Through that, you’re able to discover what other people enjoy and what you may enjoy. Although there are other things to do than listening to music, doing so is a great way to calm down after a hard day.