Rustic Root Restaurant Review

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Sophia Martuscello, Contributor

I recently had brunch at a fairly new restaurant in Woodbury called Rustic Root, which opened in 2016. They do not take reservations,  so be prepared for somewhat of a wait, but it will be worth it. The food is excellent and their menu offers vegetarian and gluten free options for brunch and dinner made from local ingredients. Rustic Root is a true farm to table restaurant with New American Cuisine. The interior of the restaurant had charm to it such as their room dividers made out of rolling pins, wooden light fixtures, and brick walls. The waiters were attentive and helpful. Tom Gloster is their executive chef, who was a champion on the Food Network’s show Chopped in 2014. His childhood experiences spent in the markets and farms of Little Italy inspired his mastery in local cuisine. I am looking forward to going back and trying  another one of their delicious menu items.