Freshman Reflection: First Quarter of High School

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Michael Puglisi, Contributor

In eighth grade, your freshman year in high school is treated like a bogeyman. The teachers jump at the chance to regale us with tales of how next year, you’ll have to do these sorts of assignments all the time, and you’d better start doing well on them now, or saying how next year our bad behavior won’t be tolerated. Though of course I didn’t take it at their word, I still maintained a bit of concern as to the workload increase.

That impression didn’t last long.

I soon realized that, though the homework increase was tangible, it never became overly difficult or unmanageable. It was an easy acclimation, with the most struggle coming from the labyrinthine corridors leading from room to room.

The electives were one of the most exciting parts of the first quarter. Having spent the vast majority of school being told when and where to be, it was nice to have a say in the matter beyond whether to do Earth Science or Biology first. I found them all enjoyable, and am looking forward to spending the rest of the year my classes.

Another big change was my decision to forgo lunch. I wanted to take three electives, so lunch was out. I was a little worried the first day, but I soon settled into a comfortable routine, and it was soon a non-issue. So, all in all, it was a great quarter.