YouTube Insights: Top Three Bullet Journal YouTubers

Cali Alvarez, Contributor

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Looking to start a bullet journal in the new year? Not sure where to start? Here are three YouTubers who can surely offer some guidance.


Photo Credit: AmandaRachLee

  1. Amanda Rach Lee

With recently surpassing 1M subscribers, Amanda has been entertaining her audience for the last several years, morphing from lifestyle and fashion videos into bullet journaling and artwork. She offers a minimalistic and modern aesthetic while providing a variety of artwork techniques and extensive bullet journal inspiration. She’ll help you create the perfect bullet journal spread and even show you hundreds of doodle ideas for decoration.




  1. Caitlin’s Corner

While much of her content is lifestyle and college-oriented, Caitlin’s bullet journal videos offer an approach for those without much time on their hands. You don’t have to be an artist to have a bullet journal, and Caitlin shows you easy ways to create fun and functional bullet journal spreads with simple doodles and trackers. At 120K subscriber, with some studying and student tips as well, Caitlin has a variety of great videos to help you get organized and be efficient. Especially if you’re a senior this year, you can get a look at what college life is like!




Photo Credit: Bujo and Cookies

  1. BuJo and Cookies

For anyone who enjoys watching beautiful videos of calligraphy, hand lettering, and great bullet journal spreads, Letizia has some great content for you. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next bullet journal spread, you can see all of her “Plan With Me” videos. At just over 1K subscribers, there’s a great look a gorgeous bullet journal ideas within this channel.


Who are your favorite bullet journals YouTubers? Comment below!