The Failure of YouTube Rewind


Photo Credit: Indian Express

Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Contributor

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube recently. For me, I’ve been on YouTube several times a day this week. The reason for this is because of Pewdiepie. Or, more specifically, the race to keep him number one. If you don’t know, Pewdiepie may soon be overthrown from his position of Number One YouTube Channel. This may be news to you, but you can stop it. All you need to do is subscribe to Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel. Anyway, I return to my point: Pewdiepie’s race against T-Series is the reason I was on YouTube when a bombshell was dropped. YouTube Rewind 2018 was here.

Now, if you don’t know what YouTube Rewind is, it’s a video series that started in 2010 that intended to cover the important YouTube events of that year. The series was going extremely well from 2010-2014. Those were what the YouTube community would consider the best. Just barely below those years are the Rewinds of 2015 and 2016. Less people were pleased, but overall, it was received well. 2017 is where most people agree YouTube rewind went downhill. They shoehorned stale memes and bad trends into the video. They also attempted to introduce us to several new YouTubers. The problem with this was that the majority of the YouTube Community had NO IDEA who any of them were.

Here we are at the 2018 edition. What does the YouTube community have to say about it? It is the WORST YOUTUBE REWIND ever to exist EVER. On December 6th, the video had 610,345 likes and 1,080,000 dislikes (including my own). Why? How could this be? What did YouTube do this time? Well, remember last paragraph how I said last year they had too many “no-names”? This year, they made it worse. Throughout the whole video, I only saw 13 people I can 100% say I knew of. Everybody else was either a newcomer, meme, trend, or show host. This is very upsetting, because THIS YouTube Rewind was supposed to be about what WE wanted. And judging by the like-to-dislike ratio, they couldn’t supply our demands.

YouTube also just outright ignored a lot of what people wanted. Nobody wanted Will Smith or JOHN-FRICKIN’-OLIVER. Nobody wanted ASMR or K-Pop in the Rewind. Nobody wanted Lilly Singh for the 1,000th time and nobody wanted BONGO CAT! (He was cute though). We just wanted something that would unify us, and in a way, this Rewind did. This is officially the most disliked Rewind ever, and for good reason:

1) It glosses over everything newsworthy in YouTube history this year.

2) It has cringey and overused memes and songs.

3) It had people who nobody knew.

If I had to give this Rewind a rating, it’d be a 2/10. The only thing positive I can say about it is (surprisingly) Ninja’s acting. (Yeah, he was in it.) His acting wasn’t overly forced and he seemed like a real person. Everybody else had no lines or was cringey. Actually, another thing that was really good was the “Baby Shark” remix at the end of the Rewind. (Yes, I am serious).

So, what can they do better next year? Well, having Pewdiepie in it THIS year would have been great, because this was his last year as Most Subscribed YouTube Channel. After his absence from the last two, many people were expecting him to make an epic comeback, especially because of his battle with T-Series. However, this was not the case. Only thanks to Jaiden Animations on YouTube did we get a reference to Pewds, and that was his “So Can You Do This?” Chair. However, if he is in it next year, we know that people are going to enjoy it more. Something else they should do is ask us (yes the people) who we want in Rewind. The fact that they claimed to do so this year is a joke. The last thing that they should do next year is make sure the Rewind is not centered around a specific idea. If you go look at all of the other Rewinds, you’d notice that it is just about the community. Not FortNite. This is where I choose to end my rant on YouTube. Here is just a quick note: As of December 10th, 4 days after I started writing this, the Rewind has received 6 million more dislikes. Good job.