How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Photo Credit: University of Liverpool

Photo Credit: University of Liverpool

Sofiya Saykovska, Contributor

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The change of seasons comes quickly: the temperature drops, the sweaters come out, the hot cocoa is served. Before you know it, the New Year is here, and this year you’ve decided to make a resolution. No matter the topic, you don’t want to end up like this year, forgetting your goals as soon the month is out. So, here are some tips on how to not forget your goals, and how to keep them.

First off, choose whether you’d like to make a bucket list type of goal list or only a few goals. In my opinion, the best one to make would be the bucket list. A long list of goals might seem overwhelming to some people, but a small list might be easy to forget or be boring. A bucket list for goals makes going about the year in a fun way, completing even a small or simple goal helps regardless. A smaller list might have goals that are a bit tougher to reach and may make it harder to start.

For the bucket list of goals, write many simple ones, such as read a book, or attend a dance class. Or even simpler ones, like complimenting a stranger or cleaning up after you eat. A good way to organize this list is from easy to more tougher goals, or just keep them mixed up.

Next, you have to keep the list in a place that you go every day. Maybe on a wall in your room, or on the fridge in your kitchen. You’ll be able to see the resolutions and remind yourself of them, and when you actually complete one you’ll know where the list is so you can cross it off and not forget. Another way to remind yourself of your resolutions is to put a reminder on your phone, a weekly reminder will do.

Then, go about your year! The reminders will, of course, remind you every so often, but make sure you actually try to do your resolutions. Try to at least start some of the resolutions, for example, go to the gym a few times, and don’t forget that life changes, so your resolutions can change too. Being hard on yourself for not being able to complete your resolutions won’t motivate you at all. Be understanding, and take it one step at a time. You can do it!
Don’t just say… “I’ll do it next year.”