TV Report: Grown-ish: “Workin’ Me”


Photo Credit: Freeform

Grace Reuschle, Contributor

Grown-ish is known for pushing boundaries and talking about modern ideas with modern people. Every episode is about a new issues that these teens face in their lives and how they deal with it. This episode is about body issues as well as finding your inspiration.



Things I liked:


-I’m excited for Zoey to be a stylist because she has amazing fashion taste

-Zoey talking to the camera was a great creative choice by the creators.

-Ana and Aaron’s secret relationship is so cute.

-I like how we get to see everyone’s side to the Instagram story.

-I loved Zoey talking to the video bit at the end; her dry sarcasm was perfect.

-Zoey and Jazz friendship has come and long way and it makes me  happy.

-I love Zoey’s boyfriend pushing her to be better.

-I like how Jazz decided she wanted to look her way and she wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do with her body anymore.



Things I didn’t like:


-I’m not a fan of Zoey being very self righteous, I had hoped she would changed her attitude by now.  

-Why is everyone getting drinks from the bar when they’re underaged?



I would definitely watch this episode again because it talks about very important issues close to home for me, as well as other teens. I love the banter of these characters and how scenes can transition from funny scenes to impactful scenes. My problem with the show is more with the character’s personalities. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to talk about current issues with teens today.