TV Report: Legacies Premier


Photo Credit: MijnSerie

Grace Reuschle, Contributor

(Spoilers Ahead)


In the season premiere, of Legacies, Hope Mikaelson has adjusted to her life at the school for supernatural kids by not talking to anyone and just doing her school work. Though when a new student comes to her school and brings back an old friend, Hope gets swept up in a storm she didn’t intend to be caught in.



What I loved about the episode:


-I like the voice over vibe. It reminded me of Grey’s Anatomy

-Landon looks the exact same as we last saw him

-Hope’s powers are badass and I can’t wait to see her use them more

-The bisexual representation is so good and needed today in new TV shows

-The whole training scene with Alaric and Hope was cool as well as had natural dialogue

-Whoever is the costume designer on this show deserves a raise because each character has a simple yet stylish outfit that a realistic teenager today would wear

-I liked the unicorn joke more than I should have

-I really want Josie and Hope to become friends

-Can I just say that the kiss between Landon and Hope was too quick coming but I enjoyed it anyway

-Lizzie is growing on me now that I know about her anger issue problems



Some things I didn’t like about this episode:


-I’m not here for Lizzie and Josie hating Hope

-Why does the school sound like a cult?

-Lizzie is charming but I’m not a big fan of boy-crazy characters

-Why does Hope sleep in what looks like regular clothes instead of pajamas?

-They’re pushing Landon and Hope together so hard it’s really annoying

-Why did we have the whole scene of Hope going to Landon’s cell for her just to leave after a quick conversation that reiterated what we knew about Hope?

-The whole “I-ruined-a-guys-car-for-you” thing was told in a really weird way and just plain annoying

-I have a love-hate relationship with the line “you are a very nice person Hope Michaelson” because it’s a sweet thing to say, but the line sounded forced and I don’t know if a lot of teenagers today would be that formal



Overall, Legacies is a good supernatural show but it has its faults. The only thing the show needs to improve on is making things seem more natural instead of forced, whether it’s dialogue or how teenagers act. I would recommend this show to anyone who is a supernatural lover. You don’t have to watch the two related shows, The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, before it to understand or watch this fun show.