How to Come Back to School in a BETTER mood!

Sofiya Saykovska, Contributor

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Over the weekends, we get to relax and give ourselves time to breathe away from school. More often than none, we dread returning to school on Monday morning. Feeling unmotivated to be back? Here are some tips to bring back a pep to your step!

Get everything done in the beginning of the weekend. Start Friday, and get an easy worksheet done or start a project. Leaving things until Sunday is not an option. It makes you more stressed and wears you out! Not just with homework, get some chores done too. Starting a new week with a clean room will definitely boost your mood!

Plan your outfit the night before. Doing this will save you time in the morning, and you will be able to put more time into it. Or, prepare some new clothes to wear the next day to make you feel nice and fresh! Styling your outfits with accessories is fun too, and adds a confidence boost.

Go to the grocery store and buy some options for breakfast in the morning. Eating waffles everyday gets pretty boring, so buy some french toast, or breakfast sandwiches to spice it up! Also remember to buy fruits and healthy options as it makes your body feel great. Bringing a water bottle to school is also a good idea to keep yourself refreshed, as well as a snack.

 Remind yourself of your goals. Going to high school is just another part of life: a step towards your dream job or life aspirations. At times we question what school’s purpose is, but in the moment, being focused and motivated will help you in the long run.

Finally, don’t forget to take a break. If you’re feeling too much stress, or perhaps don’t understand what you’re doing, talk to a parent or guidance counselor for assistance. You deserve to relax between lots of work, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, getting help is okay.