Battle of the Classes RePORT

Cali Alvarez, Contributor

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Battle of the Classes 2019

This year’s BOTC consisted of many exciting and fun games for all the students to enjoy. As it’s “tradition” to show school spirit through your BOTC outfit, many of the students wore accessories in their grade’s color and got creative with face paint. Teachers got involved in some events and all the grades showed their support for one another through positive chants, applause, and handmade signs. Here are some highlights from the night…


Photo Credit: Cali Alvarez


The freshmen were thrilled when the first event, musical chairs, was won by one of their own! The whole gym was filled with anticipation as all the competitors tried their best to claim a seat in the game. All the freshmen cheered and clapped when a freshman girl won them the first event of the night. BOTC was off to a great start!


Photo Credit: Cali Alvarez


Every grade got a chance to create a dance to perform at the beginning of BOTC. Especially during the sophomore and junior dances, onlookers got to enjoy some cool tricks and dance steps. The seniors and freshmen did a great job with their group line dancing and popular dance crazes.


Photo Credit: Cali Alvarez


In the end, after a long night of obstacle courses, relay races, and a strenuous tug of war, the class of 2019 was crowned as the winner of their final Battle of the Classes. Congratulations, seniors!


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