Movie RePORT: IT Chapter 2


Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Contributor

Don’t worry! This article doesn’t contain any spoilers!

IT Chapter 2 has been out for a while now. It picks up where the first movie left off, when the “Losers Club” defeated Pennywise the Clown in 1988. In the second film, set in 2016, the killer clown is back and looking for a way to exact his revenge on Mike, Eddie, Richie, Bill, Ben, and Beverly. 

In IT (the first movie), it was mentioned that every 27 years, a series of tragedies would happen in the town of Derry, Maine. In the 27 years since the end of the events in IT, the “Losers Club” has disbanded, with most of its members having gone on to find success. Richie is a comedian, Eddie’s a risk analyst, Bill’s an author, and Ben’s an architect. Out of the six, only Beverly and Mike haven’t achieved some sort of success. Bev is stuck living with a physically abusive husband, and Mike decided to stay in Derry. 

It’s because of Mike’s decision to stay in Derry that he is the only one who knows that Pennywise had returned to Maine. He calls each and every one of his former friends and begs them to come back to Derry. The “Losers Club” re-unites (minus one member), and has dinner in a Chinese restaurant. This is one of the funniest parts of the movie: Richie’s vulgar remarks and Eddie’s defensive comebacks really bring the scene together. 

It’s impossible to continue without spoiling anything, so this is where I’ll discuss the pros and cons of the movie. 86% of Google Users liked the movie, and it is clear why. The best thing about this film is the characters. With the younger cast starring once again, the movie really knows how to use them to pull at the audience’s heartstrings. The adult cast is really great as well, and there is a genuine chemistry between the actors of both groups. Likewise, you cannot praise this movie without recognizing how amazing Bill Skarsgård was. Without Bill starring Pennywise, this movie would’ve been your typical, run-of-the-mill comedy. Wholesome, but not what it should’ve been. Pennywise is scary, but in some way, the filmmakers also managed to make us care about him. Once you gets to the end of the movie, you’ll understand this. 

While IT Chapter 2 is a great movie, people seem to be having minor problems with it. Again, the characters are great, but that’s mostly when they’re all together. In other words, the characters are at their best when they’re with each other. Although it’s not all the time, when they’re alone, they seem to lack development. If you want more examples of this, look no further than Bill. He’s the “main character” of this movie and he seems to be the one lacking the most. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad character, but it just feels like he’s missing something. The only other thing the film was missing was Pennywise committing horrible actions. If you have read the book or seen the movie, you would know that he does kill some people in throughout the story. However, compared to the first movie, it seems like nothing. Pennywise is too focused on stopping the “Losers Club” and not focused enough on creating disasters, which is what he’s supposed to every 27 years. 

So, in the end, you should go see the movie. It’s a bit different than the first one, and not quite as scary, but it offers a more heartwarming story that focuses on character growth and interaction.  If you were hesitant, you should go check it out before it leaves the theaters. If you were interested in seeing this movie, it won’t disappoint you.