Humans of Northport: Phil


Photo Credit: Phil Mancino

Griffin Crafa, Editor

I’m most afraid of bridges and lightning storms. When you’re going on a bridge, what if the cables snap, and then the whole thing falls and that’s it. You’re in a car, and now it’s in the water. Scary. As for lightning storms, I have terrible luck, so I’d probably get struck by lightning if I was ever in a lightning storm. These fears probably developed when I was little. I’m not scared of a certain bridge in particular. You know when you get the chills when you see something or go on something? I just get that with bridges. It’s not like a big fear. I do get it most of the time when I travel on bridges though. I stay inside when there’s a lightning storm. And bridges – well, I can’t really do anything about it. Got to go on the bridge to cross over water. You know what I’m saying? I’m not scared of tunnels though. Tunnels are fine. They have arches. They’re stable.