The Do’s and Don’ts of Comic Con


Photo Credit: The Verge

Amelia Semple, Contributor

Comic Con 2019 in New York City just officially ended on October 6th, but not before many cosplayers and  sci-fi/fantasy nerds had the chance to search the Javitt’s Center for cool merchandise and exclusive panels for the 4-day duration of the convention. I have been going to Comic Con for about 5 years now, and have garnered plenty of experience in my time about what you should or shouldn’t do when visiting the festival in New York City, or any of the other conventions in California or London.


DO: Wear appropriate cosplay- If you want to prepare cosplay to wear at Comic Con, this is completely okay! Make sure before the convention, know what character or group costume you are going to do and prepare ahead. Make sure you bring a sewing kit for any last minute emergencies at the con. And don’t overly expose yourself in cosplay, there might be young children!


DON’T: Just go to any panel – Many panels have a sign-in procedure or require tickets in order to save a certain amount of seats. Make sure you know what panel you want to go to before hand and get tickets or a band for it. And make sure to verify the location of the panel, because not all the panels are within the Javitt’s Center- there are some that are off-location.

DO: Bring the right stuff- Comic Con is like surviving in the forest- you need to bring the necessary equipment in order to thrive in the Javitt’s Center. Water, snacks, a cell phone charger, and comfy shoes are important to have while exploring the different panels and booths available. Be prepared!