Vermont State Senator Proposes Cell Phone Ban to “Make a Point”


Fox News

Nick Crafa, Contributor

Cell phones have become a necessity in life. There’s no doubt that many teens wouldn’t know how to get by without them. Many schools have already banned these distracting devices in schools, but what if an entire state made it illegal for those under age 21 to own a cell phone?
Vermont State Senator John Rogers proposed a bill that would make cell phone use by those under the age of 21 completely illegal in the state of Vermont. Violators of the law could be fined $1,000, sentenced to a year in jail, or both. Sen. Rogers explained the dangers of texting and driving, and the role that social media plays in bullying and suicide. While these are all valid points, they don’t necessarily justify criminalizing cell phone use.
However, Rogers later told CNN, “I’m not going to push for the bill to pass. I wouldn’t vote for the thing. This is just to make a point.” His “point” was that cell phones are more dangerous than guns. Rogers was trying to show that our society needs to think about what liberties we’d give up for our safety. While there are overt differences in the debates over cell phones and guns, Rogers noted that many school shooters were able to access information on previous mass shootings via their cellular devices.
Nonetheless, it is almost certain that the bill won’t pass. Senator Rogers used this as an opportunity to emphasize the emotions brought about when people feel they will lose their liberties, no matter how much potential danger to society the liberties may present. It is important to remember societal values. If cell phones became increasingly hazardous, it is very possible that our nation might consider banning them.