Why the Democrats Might be in for a Losing Streak – 2020 Election and Beyond


Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Contributor

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The Democrats are doomed. Donald Trump is going to be re-elected once again and they’re going to throw another fit for four more years. I don’t want to call things early, but if the Democratic Party continues to do what they’re doing, they’re not only going to lose this election, but the next few after that. Let me explain why.
The problem the Democrats have is that they aren’t unified. If you look at the Republicans, they only have one man running who stands a chance. I bet you didn’t even realize that Bill Weld or Rocky De La Fuente were running. Even though you now know, you probably still don’t care. The majority of Republicans are going to vote for Donald Trump. This isn’t because they’ve been brainwashed and made a member of the “Cult of Trump”, but because they’re pleased with the achievements he’s accomplished. I don’t know about you, but it makes sense why people would vote for a leader who would give them things like low unemployment and increased border security. Of course, not every Republican is a fan of Trump. The “Never Trumpers” have made a comeback and they’re trying to make themselves heard. Some of them have even threatened to vote for the Democratic Nominee- which I doubt they’ll do if it’s Bernie.
It’s obvious the Never Trumpers are a minority in the Republican camp, but on the Democrat’s side, things look worse. We all know about “Bernie or Bust” and we’ve already seen Yang Gang members pledge their vote to Trump, but there’s still more division. It’s unlikely a moderate Democrat is going to vote for someone they see as too far to the left (Bernie or Warren) and it’s unlikely leftists are going to vote for moderates. If they could somehow settle on a candidate- which they probably won’t unanimously do- they won’t have enough support to beat Donald Trump.
Really only the Never Trumpers are saying they wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump on the Republican side, while on the Democratic side, there’s a civil war. Just about every Democratic candidate wants to get Trump out of office as soon as they can, but that’s really all they can agree on. A major problem the Democrats have is pandering to the vocal minority of leftists in the party. They’re focused on making sure they’re inclusive and “woke” enough instead of fixing real problems that haunt them- like the homelessness problems in California, and the growing number of violent resisters to Trump’s administration. This problem will only grow bigger after the 2020 election. Those further to the left are going to feel they were robbed if Bernie isn’t the nominee, and moderates are going to be overpowered by them until the party either fractures of is taken over by them. Long story short, Democrats can’t win until Donald Trump is out of office. But even then, they’ll be fighting each other for dominance, a battle that can only be lost.