“American Idol” Continues to Entertain America Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

“This has never been done before.” – Lionel Richie. “American Idol.” April 26, 2020.



“American Idol” is airing its 18th Season, despite COVID-19 related restrictions

Ella Piscatello, Freelancer

American Idol is one of the longest running singing competitions in the United States. Although the series was cancelled in 2016, American Idol came back stronger and in higher demand in 2017, with new judges and extraordinary talent. However, the new restrictions set in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 have made filming the series’ 18th Season incredibly challenging. And to top it off, Katy Perry, one of the judges, is expecting a baby this summer.
The live rounds were supposed to air two weeks ago, but since concerts are currently banned, they didn’t happen. In order to save time, past contestants were asked to send in short clips showing their lives before and after they sang on American Idol. The two hour-long episodes that aired in the past two weeks also included previously aired and unseen footage from January.

While this was happening, the current contestants and judges prepared to film the “live” rounds in their own home. In order to ensure the best video and audio quality, the producers sent cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment to all twenty contestants. The performances were filmed live for the judges on Friday, making for a smooth episode with crisp transitions.
As a devoted American Idol fan who has religiously watched the show since the new series began, I thought this week’s episode was successful. While the contestants couldn’t feel the same adrenaline they normally would when performing on stage, the judges and the viewers were able to hear every nuance in the contestants’ singing and voices.
The talent this season is remarkable. Listening to the singers’ gorgeous voices lifted my spirits. Voting for the contestants who should advance to the next round will not be an easy task.
American Idol, which airs Sundays at 8:00 pm EDT on ABC, leaves viewers on the edge of their seat, praying that their favorites move on. Tune in this Sunday for more performances and the revealing of the top ten contestants!