Tiktok Pasta: The Recipe That Caused the Finnish Feta Shortage


Credit: i am a food blog

The recipe for “TikTok Pasta” calls for baked feta and tomatoes to be mixed with pasta.

Mckenzie Schuvart, Freelancer

In recent years, TikTok and Instagram have developed into ubiquitous social media platforms on which users share parts of their daily lives — including their favorite meals and recipes. In the past year, one recipe has gone incredibly viral. This recipe, in which baked feta and tomatoes are mixed with pasta, has been shared so many times it has become known as “Tiktok Pasta.”

The recipe for “TikTok Pasta” originated in Finland. In fact, the recipe’s immense popularity drained the nation of the dish’s main ingredient: feta cheese.

The pasta dish is made by tossing cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper in a large glass tray. A block of feta cheese is then placed in the center, and the oil mixture is spread over. This bakes in an oven set at 400° F for 40 minutes, or until the cheese is golden and the tomatoes pop.

As the feta-tomato mixture cooks, pasta is boiled. The baked feta and tomatoes are then combined with the pasta in a baking dish. Sautéed garlic, red pepper flakes, and basil can be added if desired.

“TikTok Pasta” can be altered depending on the ingredients available. For instance, goat cheese may be substituted for feta, and other herbs and spices can be used as well. This dish typically calls for penne, rigatoni, farfalle, or cavatappi, but this is not set in stone.

Given all this, the dish’s popularity is clear: the simplicity and flexibility of its recipe, combined with its great taste and “Instagrammable” presentation, are what truly gives “TikTok Pasta” its well-deserved name.