Senior Spotlight: Jake Kalinowski


The Port Press

Jake Kalinowski reflects on his time at Northport High School, discusses his plans for the future, and offers advice to underclassmen.

Sam Rosenfeld, Freelancer

SAM: What was one of your favorite activities at Northport High School? 

JAKE: My activity at the high school would probably be Powdered Wigs or Choir. I love Powdered Wigs because it’s so much fun and a lot of bonding happens, I just meet such great people. And in choir — Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Salisbury, Ms. Dijon. I get to meet such great people through it and it’s such a blast!

SAM: I know you were in most if not all of the school shows during your four years at the high school — how would you say that this has impacted you as a person?

JAKE: I have performed in all 4 years. I know this year was a little weird with the Broadway show, but I would say it’s definitely impacted me for the better with theater because a lot of people have trouble speaking in front of other people or getting on stage — they would rather die, that’s what studies have shown. I feel ready for college and to take on the real world because I feel like I’m a step ahead in that sense of public speaking.

SAM: What would you say has impacted you most at high school?

JAKE: “I would say Powdered Wigs and Choir has impacted me the most and also SHARE. I got to learn a lot from that group [SHARE] because I learned that everyone has issues and problems. I learned that everyone goes through something and the importance of kindness. I know it sounds cliché but you never know what someone goes home to or what their life is like.

SAM: What college are you going to be attending this fall?

JAKE: I am going to be attending the University of Delaware and I’m majoring in Communications and Environmental Studies.

SAM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JAKE: Um, that’s a good question… I would say either maybe in law, but then there’s law school, so extra schooling which I don’t love. But maybe environmental law — I would like to travel the world. I know a lot of people say that, but travel the world and help people environmentally through environmental issues and problems that they have throughout the world. I know, luckily, in America we live pretty well compared to other countries around the world, and I know so many countries need help. I’d also maybe like to be a host or weatherman too, or a professor in college, so there’s a lot that I want to do — these are just the top ones. Either professor, news casting, or law, and definitely helping people in between like doing some volunteer work. I’ll probably narrow it down more in college.

SAM: Do you have any advice that you would offer to the incoming freshman or to your freshman self?

JAKE: I would say just be open minded and take all the classes in the high school that you want to take. Don’t let your friends — if they support you in a class that’s a good thing — but don’t let them sway your decision or impact what classes you take; you should take the classes that you want to take. I would also say don’t go too ham (too hard) on the AP/IB classes. I would say take the classes in the AP/IB that you are interested in because it will be so much more enjoyable! I know it sounds cliché but just enjoy every moment — I can’t believe I’m graduating, so just enjoy every moment and take the classes you want to take, and enjoy it all.