Opinion: Why Making New Friends Is Important

Simply put, I believe making new friends is the best thing that any new student can do.


Simply put, I believe making new friends is the best thing that any new student can do.

Charlotte Wagner, Freelancer

New friends: a breath of fresh air, a beam of light, a new face.

I have always been more of an extroverted kid. Sure, I may have my shy moments, but I always like when I meet new people — it can be exciting. Simply put, I believe making new friends is the best thing any new student can do.

I am a freshman who is new to Northport High School. I don’t even know half of the students in my own grade, not to mention any of the upperclassmen. I have my friends, and I even have a friend group, but in one of my classes (Global History 1), I was left feeling completely alone. 

Walking into class on the first day of school, I realized I shared the period with nobody I was even remotely friends with. So, I sat myself down at an empty table and waited for other students to arrive. Seconds later, three girls walked into the classroom with warm smiles and sat down with me. 

I was so happy to be sitting with someone, and little did I know they were about to become my new friends. They helped push me to meet new people and exposed me to so many different things than my usual friends do. 

Making new friends can really help get you out of your comfort zone. Outside of school, I am on a town soccer team. One afternoon, as the soccer season was just beginning, I walked onto the practice field; to my surprise, my team was nowhere to be found. I wandered around aimlessly, before my eyes landed on who I assumed to be my coach. Walking over to him, he exclaimed to the other coaches surrounding him, “Ah! You must be Charlotte! This is one of the freshmen!” From this, I got knots in my stomach, but I coated my discontent with a smile and went off to practice. 

At first, I did not enjoy soccer at all; I was one of the only two freshmen on the team, and, frankly, I wasn’t that good. I stuck with it, however, and I have now grown to be a part of the team. I have made so many new friends and personalities that are nothing like what I’m acclimated to regularly.

As I have said, I think making new friends is one of the best things a student can do. With this, however, I am not saying to drop all of your old friends. I am simply saying that, while I haven’t been in school for very long, the friends I have managed to foster are making my high school career better than it ever could be. 

And so, my advice: Put yourself out there; talk to people. You will be the better for it — trust me.