Interview of The Week: Lindsay Connolly


John McGrath

This week’s Port Press Interview of the Week is with Lindsay Conolly

Matthew Munson

The Port Press has some exciting news! Each week, starting this week, we will be interviewing members of our writing staff, so you can get to know them better. But instead of traditional interview questions, we’re going to be asking some of the wackiest things we could think of!

This week’s Port Press Interview of the Week is with Lindsay Conolly. Lindsay is a junior who enjoys art, music, and being in Band. I got assigned the task to ask Lindsay 5 questions that aren’t your usual interview questions. Instead of finding out boring answers, scroll down to discover answers to wacky questions. 

Q: What is your favorite kind of rock and why? 

A: Sedimentary. I love layering and I think it’s very pretty. I like the ones that are orange.

Q: What is your favorite art supply and why?


A: Watercolor because it’s very fun and it’s pretty forgiving and it’s pretty easy. You can do a lot with it.


Q: What is your favorite Wii game and why?


A: Wii Sports Resort. It’s really enjoyable and relaxing and I like flying the plane. I like crashing into stuff with the plane because it makes a really fun noise.


Q: If you had a cat, what would you name your cat and why?


A: I would name it Bones because I’d probably get a black cat. *gasps* No wait! Hairless cats are so ugly I love them. They are so cute, I love them so much. 


Q: Who’s your favorite art teacher and why?


A: Mr. Cooley probably because he loves being strange and sometimes he barks. His class is very fun. Also the music he plays is very groovy


We hope you get a kick out of this interview. Tune in next week for the next Port Press Interview of the Week!