MLB Championship Series Summary: Could the Phillies Finish First?


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The Astros will now advance and see the Phillies on the big stage at the World Series.

Andrew Bernson

The MLB Championship Series consists of the top two teams from each respective league, the National League and the American League. 

The NLCS or National League Championship Series featured the 5-seeded San Diego Padres playing the 6-seeded Philadelphia Phillies. The ALCS had the 1-seeded Houston Astros vs the 2-seeded New York Yankees. Let’s start with the National League.

This was complete domination in favor of the Phillies in this series. The Philly gentlemen swiftly beat the Padres 4-1 behind a heroic effort from designated hitter Bryce Harper, who won MVP of the series. 

This series may have come as a surprise to lots of people, since the Phillies barely snuck into the playoffs in the first place and now they are heading to the World Series. Outside of game 2, the Padres just looked like they didn’t belong there at all. 

Surprisingly this wasn’t even the biggest collapse of the Championship Series. The New York Yankees claim that award.

The Yankees got completely obliterated in this series losing the series 4-0 to the Astros. This was embarrassing for Yankee fans as they watched their team get crushed every single game of the series. 

The Yankees had no answer for the hot bats of the Astros and struggled to generate a lot of runs against a dominant Houston rotation and bullpen. MVP of the series Jeremy Peña was also a major problem for the Yankees having his way throughout the entire 4 game stretch. 

The Astros will now advance and see the Phillies on the big stage at the World Series. Will the Phillies cap off this miracle run with a trophy or will the Astros continue to dominate their way to champions? The teams split the first two games, and will head to Philadelphia for games three, four, and five.