Interview of the Week: Meadow Moscarelli


Meadow Moscarelli

This week’s Port Press interview is with Meadow Moscarelli!

Sarah Pierce, Freelancer

This week’s Port Press interview is with Meadow Moscarelli! Meadow is a member of the Port Press and enjoys spaghetti, reading, and Mama Falcone sauce (NMS kids will understand.) Meadow does not like, contrary to popular belief, flowers. They are too bright, she says – she does not like the “brightness and happiness” of flowers. 


Q: Would you want unlimited bacon?

A: No, because I am a vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian since second grade, but I do wish I could eat meat on occasion. But the reason I am a vegetarian is that I do not like the texture of meat. I have never had steak.


Q: If you play Mario Kart, who do you main and why?

A: Toad because he’s the best overall, he’s so cute. 

Note: Promptly after her response, John did his best Toad impression (it was scary.)


Q: Who was the last person you snapped and why?

A:  Carlee Ferrara (another Port Press member) because I needed a ride home and cannot drive myself because I have road rage. Carlee did not respond. Nice Carlee. 


Q: What is your favorite shade of blue?

A: I had to do some research, but tiffany blue is now my favorite shade of blue. [When told tiffany could be considered turquoise by some] I really thought turquoise was blue and my childhood is broken now, my childhood is a lie.


Q: Most recently listened to song?

A: Labyrinth by Taylor Swift

Note: this answer led to the entire Port Press staff discussing Taylor Swift for the next five minutes.


Q:  What is your most hot take? 

A: Jail is not terrible, you don’t have to pay bills, and you don’t have to pay for anything.


We hope you enjoyed this interesting interview! Don’t forget to check back next week for another Port Press Interview of the Week!