The More You Know! An Interview With Grace Mulroy


Know Your Meme

I reached out to the Grace behind “Fun Facts With Grace” and asked her some questions about the segment. 

Dora Fields, Freelancer

Since the creation of the video morning announcements, new segments have been added and the announcements are ever-evolving. One of the most popular new segments is the “Fun Fact With Grace” segment. With its unexpected facts and funny premise, it always makes you laugh and gives you something to think about for the rest of the day. I reached out to the Grace behind “Fun Facts With Grace” and asked her some questions about the segment. 


Q: When did you get the idea for your “Fun Fact with Grace” segment on the Friday morning announcements?

A: Last year during the announcements, Ethan Koening did this segment called “Fireside Chat ” where he would invite the audience in front of his fireplace, and then tell them the most ridiculous, funny thing you’ve ever heard. Ethan graduated in 2022 so we needed a new segment to fill the gap. That’s when I thought to ask Mr. G to do something. I’m one of those people who has a bunch of random knowledge floating around the back of my head. Is it useful? Not really. When and where did I learn it? No clue. Is it cool? Sure! The next day, I sent Mr. G a demo video of me belly flopping down the slide in my backyard and saying “did you know that if you were to chuck a human uterus on the ground, it would bounce? I didn’t! The more you know!” I didn’t know what to expect since it was kind of a weird fact, and my dog wouldn’t get out of the way so you have a great view of corgi butt the entire time. Despite my anxieties, he loved it! The only thing he said that I had to do was keep my last two lines.  Like a catch phrase of sorts! 


Q:Where do you get the facts and how do you decide if a fact is interesting enough to be featured?

A: There are a few different ways I get my facts. As previously mentioned, I have a lot of pretty useless information just floating around my head. I don’t know why I know that shrimps have their hearts in their heads, I just do. My logic is that if I share the knowledge, then I won’t have to deal with it anymore. The second way I get my facts is by googling them. There is a reason I say “I didn’t [know that]! The more you know!” The world around us is so cool and interesting! As much as those fifteen second clips are entertaining for the audience, I find the fun facts I say super fascinating!


Q: What planning goes into making the segment? 

A: The first thing I do before I start filming is finding a fact to use. Once I’ve found that, I try to think of something funny to do while saying the fact. My favorite one I’ve done so far was for the announcements on October 10th. (That’s the one where I come out of the pool.) Most of the time, I don’t write a script since I basically have the same format every week (“Did you know _____? I didn’t! The more you know!”) 


Q: What is something that you think viewers should know about your segment?

A: I don’t think there is really anything to know about the segment. What I can say is if you have an idea that you’re not sure people will like, just do it! I know it’s cliché but doing what you love and unapologetic self-expression will never go out of style! It took me years to get out of the “what will my friends think? What will the other kids at school think? What will my family think? What will my teachers think? etc” loop. In all honesty, I’m still working on it. The most recent attribute of this mindset was getting the opportunity to make super fun, and educational videos for all of Northport High School! As cliché as it is, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and do what you love. Slay!