Review: Northport Powdered Wig’s “The Little Mermaid” Was Spectacular


Willow DeBlasi

I thought the musical was excellent.

Willow DeBlasi, Freelancer

The Northport Powdered Wigs presented us with Disney’s The Little Mermaid on March 4th. 

Open auditions were held from November 29th- December 6th and rehearsals began on January 3rd. Although we see the finished, polished version after 3 months of rehearsing, the blood, sweat, and tears all paid off.

I thought the musical was excellent. Not only was the musical itself spectacular, but the pit instruments were so impressive that you forget they were playing live and not a recording. The singing along with the instruments was impeccable. 

The show started off strong with Ariel singing her opening song, “The World Above” played by Isabella Corea. 

Some other songs that stuck out to me were Ariel’s “Part of Your World”, Merisisters and Flounder  “She’s In Love” which was sung by Carlee Ferrara, Emma Fierro, Molly Ahearne, Kyra Perles, Scarlett McCann, and Alexandra Curtatolo, and Presley Brill as Flounder, and Prince Eric’s “One Step Closer” played by Luca Bergin. 

The musical overall was very well put together. From the lighting, singing, dancing, Heelys, costumes, background, props, fish “swimming” in the audience, and bubbles it kept viewers of all ages engaged and excited for what was next to come. 

Although the audience normally doesn’t get to see behind the scenes, after Saturday’s show I got a glimpse of what goes on backstage. Of course, the cast is the focal point of the show but if it wasn’t for the tech crew which consists of the costume designers, prop designers, and the lighting, the show would not have been nearly as successful. 

Operating the lighting equipment is definitely no easy task. I got the opportunity to sit near the lighting technicians and get an inside look. There are two spotlights which require two people to work each one. As one does the lighting the other will guide them where they are in the script. 

As for the costume designs, it takes skill and creativity. Ms. O’Neil is the head of costume design and an art teacher here at NHS. 

The choreographers for the dancing aspect of The Little Mermaid are Ms. DePalo and Ms. Salisbury, who also doubles as the director and vocal coach along with Mr. Warren. A detail of the choreography that stood out to me was there was more to watch rather than just the main characters with the very entertaining background dancers. 

Overall I am glad I attended this musical. It was fun, entertaining, exciting, and definitely better than your average high school musical. I definitely recommend going to future NHS Powdered Wigs performances.