Engeman Theater’s The Sound of Music

Emma Torres, Freelancer

Ending the spring season with an old classic, the Engeman Theater has brought The Sound of Music to its stage. The Sound of Music is a long-loved musical about a woman named Maria Rainer, who is studying to be a nun in Austria. She is summoned to the home of a retired naval officer to care for his seven children, and she teaches the whole family about music, love, and happiness in the wake of their mother’s passing. 


I recently went to see this performance of The Sound of Music, and I really enjoyed it. The sets were beautiful and well-used. They were maneuvered to show many different settings, from the Von Trapp mansion to the abbey Maria came from. 


Kayleen Seidl, who plays Maria, was incredible. Her voice was amazing and she managed to capture Julie Andrews’ slight sarcasm while also adding a layer of youthfulness and curiosity that made the character three-dimensional. I felt genuine compassion for the character and wanted her to succeed.


Mother Abbess, a notoriously difficult role in the world of theater, was executed perfectly. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” is the song that closes Act I with a sustained high note that leaves the audience astonished as intermission starts. Caitlin Burke, who plays Mother Abbess, impressed the entire audience with her amazing voice and by being completely believable as a character.


Another amazing aspect of the production was the Von Trapp children. They were all distinct characters and very impressive since all of them were likely under eighteen years old. I was genuinely impressed by their talent. 


This was an amazing version of a classic musical, and I loved every minute of the performance.