Why isn’t there a Junior Prom?


Sophia Martuscello, Contributor

As prom season arrives, some have wondered why Northport High School does not have a junior prom. Mr. LaMagna, one of the teachers involved with Senior Proms at Northport, claims that there has never been a junior prom in his 12 years of working at Northport High School; he attributes this mainly to the expenses. Since the Homecoming Dance is generally poorly attended, Mr. LaMagna said, the administration’s point of view is, ‘Why have another dance if that one barely gets by’? Plus senior prom, which is the big event, is mostly made up of people who, after the King and Queen are announced, leave for after parties.

Now some students are arguing that we should have a junior prom because it’s so much fun, and a high school experience that juniors should enjoy. As for the money situation, a junior, Quinlan Finnegan, suggests that we run fundraisers throughout the year to cover most of the cost.

So what do you think? Should Northport High School have a junior prom, or is a senior prom enough? Tell us on twitter @NHS_Port_Press!