Senior Spotlight: Amelia Semple

Amelia Semple, an English major and aspiring librarian, looks back upon her time at Northport High School, from clubs to IB classes to the school play.

Amelia Semple, an English major and aspiring librarian, looks back upon her time at Northport High School, from clubs to IB classes to the school play.

Luke Frisoli, Freelancer

LUKE: What were some of the clubs you were involved in during your time at NHS? —

AMELIA: During my time at NHS I certainly did a lot — I was involved in Powdered Wigs, International Thespian Society, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, FEA, and Fashion Club for a little bit, so I certainly did a lot.

LUKE: Which was your favorite Powdered Wigs show you were in and why?

AMELIA: My favorite show in Powdered Wigs has to be Into the Woods my sophomore year — I got to play the back end of the cow, and it was so much fun just because it was something different from anything I’d ever experienced before, and offstage I was able to form great friendships and also still be great friends with my old theater friends.

LUKE: You mentioned a lot of clubs. How did you balance school and clubs?

AMELIA: The main thing was I always wrote down when the clubs were available and that’s how I’d always be on top of it and able to manage it.

LUKE: Which college will you be attending and what are some of its amenities/features/resources that attracted you?

AMELIA: I’m going to be attending the University of Scranton in the fall and the main thing that really got to me was that it is a Jesuit education, so it’s very wholesome in the way it approaches education, also the campus is beautiful — I felt at home right away. Also, they don’t have a music major or a music minor — they have an extracurricular music program, so I thought that was very unique and very different.

LUKE: How did you feel applying during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Do you think it was more stressful than a regular application period?

AMELIA: At the beginning in March, I was a little apprehensive about how to approach it, but because of the pandemic, I was able to get ahead with the application process, so after doing online schooling, I would sign up for webinars and do that one hour after the other, and I was able to get pretty far into the application process with all the forms we had to get done, so by the end of the summer all I had to focus on was the college essay.

LUKE: What do you intend to major in and why?

AMELIA: English because ever since I was little, I loved books — some kids had Barbie dolls, some kids had footballs, I always had a book in my hand, so I feel English would be the best place for me.

LUKE: What did you do in high school that makes you feel either prepared or unprepared for college?

AMELIA: Taking AP and IB classes just because it really prepares you for what a college class will be like and teaches you how to put the work in.

LUKE: Which AP or IB class would you recommend to underclassmen?

AMELIA: Definitely take — this is just the English lover in me — IB Literature because it mostly focuses on fiction pieces, and I’m a big fiction reader, and probably take AP US History, and although it’s a lot of work, it’s really interesting learning about the history of the United States.

LUKE: What are some of the activities you enjoy outside of school and how have they helped you in life?

AMELIA: The two things that pop up in my head are participating in the Community Theater down at the Brosnan Building, and also working as a cashier at Giunta’s Meat Farms — these helped solidify who I am and made me more sure of myself during a time where High School is supposed to be this big moment of figuring out who you are and who you want to be — it helped define me as a person.

LUKE: Do you have any plans for after college as of now?

AMELIA: I have some plans — I want to get a Master’s in Library Science and become a Librarian, or maybe go down the English publishing route.

LUKE: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen, and to underclassmen in general?

AMELIA: My major bit of advice is find what you love, make sure you have the right friend group to conquer high school with. I was extremely lucky because in middle school I had this great group of friends, and I was able to keep that going into high school, and we were able to meet so many new people, and because of that, I was able to experiment with new clubs and find out who I am.

LUKE: Thanks Amelia, it’s been a great interview!

AMELIA: Thank you!