I Started My Own Youtube Channel!


Stina Czeisel

I recently started my own Youtube channel, “Yu-Gi-Oh! Revisions”.

Stina Czeisel

So how does it feel to have a Youtube channel? Great!

I uploaded my first video a week or two ago. It’s kind of a mess because it’s the first one, but for being recorded on a phone, the audio isn’t that bad. You just have to turn up the volume because it’s kind of low. 

The second and third videos are ready to go whenever I’m ready to record and upload them. I think I’m going to shoot for uploading one video per month, and if I find that I have a lot of videos on standby, then I can increase the number of videos that I put out during a month. 

My dad says that apparently a lot of kids nowadays like being “influencers”. Firstly, I’m not a kid, and second, my new channel is honestly just another place for me to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh!

As of writing this article, I have almost 20 subscribers! If you want to watch my video, you have to search for the video name, not the channel name. You’ll see a video titled “Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Revisions” on a channel called “Yu-Gi-Oh! Revisions”. That’s the one! Be sure to subscribe to the channel and like the video!