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Stina is muy inteligente y muy independiente. She enjoys reading, watching Yu-Gi-Oh!, and kicking her younger brother out of her room. She plans to start a Youtube channel about Yu-Gi-Oh!, which she can talk about for hours, not caring that no one knows what she’s talking about - so if you see a channel called Yu-Gi-Oh! Revisions, please click on it, *hint hint*… She likes ropes courses, climbing things, and heights (she plans to go skydiving as soon as she turns 18). She prefers reading to paying attention in class and still gets all her work done. Please note that she is an excellent multitasker and this probably will not work for you (so please don’t try it). She speaks English, a pretty good bit of Spanish, a little bit of Japanese, and a few words in Egyptian. She calls the language she speaks Spanglishese, which she speaks almost all the time, and has a pretty hard time turning off her Japanese for Spanish class.

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Being able to move pretty easily through a crowd is a very useful skill - especially when you encounter large amounts of people daily, such as here at NHS.

10 Tips on Crowd Weaving

Stina Czeisel, Contributer
June 16, 2023
Lately I’m noticing a lot of people either don’t know or don’t care about getting organized. People are just stuffing their papers in their backpacks!

Get Organized, People!

Stina Czeisel, Contributor
June 5, 2023
There have been a lot of times lately where I find myself speaking as the voice of reason in the classroom.

Being the Voice of Reason

Stina Czeisel, Contributor
May 14, 2023
I had multiple homework assignments to do for school.

Weekend Homework Hectics

Stina Czeisel, Contributor
April 24, 2023
Today I wanted to share with you how much fun I’m having in my jewelry class.

Jewelry Class Fun!

Stina Czeisel, Contributor
February 27, 2023
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Stina Czeisel