Club RePORT: Dungeons and Dragons


The New York Times

I went to D&D Club for the first time and it was really fun!

Stina Czeisel, Contributor

I went to D&D Club for the first time and it was really fun! There were delicious cupcakes and so many people that we had to split into two groups. Jonas ended up being my DM (Dungeon Master) and he came up with some really interesting lore for the campaign.

He came up with this idea that there are four areas and they’re locked in a civil war. The plains and forest areas are allies, and the sea area is allied with the mountain area. The war’s been at a standstill for about 10 years and supplies are dwindling. Here is a similar map to the one Jonas created. I have altered it to show the approximate locations of the four areas:


Our map for Dungeons and Dragons. (OpenStreetMap Wiki)

The reason they are at a stalemate is because no one can travel through the mountain area without dying and the sea area protects all the water, so no attacks can get through.

There are like ten people in my group and I think this campaign is going to be really fun. I recreated my Lianna character (again) and there’s actually another wood elf and another rogue in the group, so I’m excited about that.

However, I’m pretty sure it’s going to get confusing rather quickly because of how many people there are, and that’s not all – there are characters from all four areas and half the group is runaways and wanderers.

If the club met every week instead of every other week, I don’t know how Jonas would manage to keep up with DMing us (because he has to prepare a lot of stuff in advance and the sessions are about two hours long) and doing his schoolwork and doing stuff for our Sea Scout ship. I feel confident he can manage though. Go Jonas!

All in all, I’m very excited for the next D&D Club meeting in two weeks and I’m glad I finally got to join.