Weekend Homework Hectics


Deseret News

I had multiple homework assignments to do for school.

Stina Czeisel, Contributor

Two weekends ago, April 14-16, I went to Quinipet, which is the District Youth Retreat on Shelter Island. The trip was amazing and very, very fun, especially since I got to see my friends from the town I was in before I moved. 

On the other hand, the scramble to get everything done on Sunday night was definitely not a fun time. I had multiple homework assignments to do for school, and because I hadn’t finished the English essay on Friday, I had that to do too.

I had the essay to finish, a math sheet to do, and pictures to upload for Spanish. And that’s not all. I’d forgotten that I had to upload pictures for History as well, so there was more for me to do than I’d originally thought. 

You’re probably wondering, “How tough could that possibly be?” And, yes, you’re right. It wasn’t hard. The problem arises when you consider the time I had to do it. I had about five minutes on Friday after I got home from school, and we didn’t get back until Sunday night. 

In case you were wondering, no, I couldn’t do it while I was at Quinipet. Not only did I not have my Chromebook on me, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I did because I didn’t have Wi-Fi. And we weren’t supposed to have our phones on – not that I have Google Classroom on my phone in the first place, so that wouldn’t have helped either.

Somehow I managed to get all my work done, and even had time to do some work for Youtube and V.2 (the anime I’m working on), but I was worried all weekend because I didn’t know how long it would take me to finish writing the essay. 

My brother said he had a lot of homework as well. I don’t know if my brother was exaggerating again (there’s a reason I call him Mr. King of Hyperboles) but this was literally one of the worst weekends for all that homework. Hopefully that never happens to you guys!