Cabin Camp: My First Time Camping at Baiting Hollow


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A few weeks ago, I went to Cabin Camp with my BSA troop (a.k.a. Scouts). I had a lot of fun hanging out in the cabin with everyone, but it wasn’t all good.

Stina Czeisel, Contributor

A few weeks ago, I went to Cabin Camp with my BSA troop (a.k.a. Scouts). I had a lot of fun hanging out in the cabin with everyone, but it wasn’t all good.

Thankfully the cabin was heated, but it was freezing outside. We cooked outside under the carport (a canopy with a frame), which we still had to set up in the cold, and the poles were even more freezing because they were metal.

I thought we were going to be sleeping on bunks, so I didn’t bring my pillow. That turned out to be a mistake though, as it was just one big room with fold-up cots that we had to set up to sleep on. (Thank goodness for the cots though, otherwise we would have been sleeping on the floor.)

The meals were delicious. For breakfast we had French toast. We also planned to make scrambled eggs, but we had to give the other patrol four of our eggs since they didn’t have any, so we couldn’t. There was clearly some miscommunication there. But anyway, the French toast and grapes were delicious. I was so hungry that I was wolfing down everything in sight.

We went on a hike around the camp around noon. Aside from it being freezing, it was fun. We climbed up a large hill at the end, and since that type of thing is usually pretty easy for me, I made sure I was at the end of the line. Basically, I was running rear guard and making sure everyone made it.

We had lunch right before we climbed up the hill. Everyone brought their own lunches from home and I brought a nachos Lunchable (even though I never touch the salsa in those.) The Lunchable came with a delicious KitKat, and I gave my nacho cheese Doritos to one of the other girls because she brought Subway and her sandwich didn’t taste right.

We did Modules 1-3 of ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops) and I was one of the three girls that kept answering all the questions.

Dinner on Saturday was delicious. I went back for seconds and thirds of the chili and had 3 pieces of garlic bread. For dessert, my patrol made apple cobbler and the other patrol made peach cobbler. I tried both and, as I suspected, I preferred the peach cobbler to the apple. The apple was still delicious, but I liked the peach slightly more.

Saturday night was also the Holiday Party. Both patrols made gingerbread houses and I made matching bracelets for two of the newest girls in our troop. (And I’m sorry, you two, but I still have trouble telling which one of you goes with which name.) At that point, it was 10:15 at night, and the Scoutmaster decided it was a good idea to start an hour and a half long movie called Troop Zero that I never even knew existed before he said that. I was exhausted, so I didn’t even bother watching the movie, I just went to sleep.

The connection for my phone was terrible, so I couldn’t watch any of my videos, couldn’t play any of my music, and couldn’t send text messages to my parents right away. That was really annoying. Also, part of the time we spent in the cabin was, how do I put this, isfet. (That’s Egyptian for chaos.) I had to break up 2 separate fights between one of the girls and different girls in the troop.

Overall, I had a super fun time. We always do Thorns and Roses at the end of a campout, so here are mine:

Thorns (we always do these first; they’re personal negatives/annoyances about the campout): The cold and people snoring when I was trying to sleep.

Roses (we always do these second; they’re personal positives about the campout): Having fun with everyone and the delicious food.