Northport High School Is Not Only The Home Of The Tigers But Horrible Drivers Too


Meadow Moscarelli, Freelancer

Northport High School is not only the home of the tigers but the home of terrible drivers. Not only seniors in particular, although that lot is immensely scary, but so are the teachers, parents, and junior drivers. As soon as someone starts a car the Northport High School parking lot is a hazard. It’s astonishing how we don’t get in accidents all the time.

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of these drivers, whether they realize they are doing something wrong or have no clue at all. As a result of these laughable mistakes of drivers at the high school, an Instagram account had been made in November of 2021, called “Northport bad parking”. All students had to do was simply send pictures of bad parking jobs to the account for them to be posted.

Most of the pictures have originated from the senior parking lot but we also have a feature from a security guard! It’s amazing to know how our school’s security is so good that they can secure not only one but two parking spots! This account has presumably been made by a graduate since the first post was in November of 2021 and the last post being December of 2021.

Although it ran for a short time the account had gone viral amongst students of Northport with 536 followers. Some captions included, “0 cars around and you still failed” and “disappointed but not surprised.” The concerning fact is that all these drivers passed their road tests and still cannot park correctly.

The news that eligible juniors will be getting reserved parking spots in the teacher lot is frightening. Not only have students expressed their concerns for these new drivers entering the parking space but so have teachers. Some teachers have even expressed their concern not only for the students but themselves.

A driving junior states, “I like that we have a chance to park at school because we are growing up so we should have equal chances of learning how to do so and driving is a major part of that.” Another junior claims, “It gives us the experience we need to learn how to become better drivers.” However, some teachers and other adults think that fresh drivers shouldn’t be allowed in the lot because it’s bound to cause an accident.

As a junior driver with a reserved spot in the teacher’s lot, I find that it helps me go about my day with ease. With parents who have schedules that aren’t flexible, it’s comforting to know I don’t have to worry about walking home in the cold winter weather. However, I find that since many kids weren’t eligible for the parking spots this quarter because they have later birthdays or don’t have a car, there aren’t many juniors that are parked in the lot. When it was announced that juniors would be given the chance to have designated spots to park at school, there was a set number of 50 spots to be signed. When I walk out of school to my car as soon as the bell rings, there are only about 6 or 7 cars maximum. I definitely believe that the 4th quarter will contain more kids eligible and therefore more kids parking in those vacant spots. That’s when mayhem will begin.