Humans of Northport: Nicole


Dora Fields, Freelancer

I want to go on a backpacking trip around Europe. Alone. It sounds so fun, though, walking around, by yourself. I really like looking at memorable things and going to museums without other people’s opinions. If I like something, I like it and you can’t change my mind about it. That’s why I’d want to be alone. I like seeing historical cities, and seeing tradition I guess. This would be after college or something, I’m not sure. Take a few months off of college, maybe. I want to do it sometime in my twenties. I’d be excited to go to Greece because I like the beaches and the culture. To be honest, Greece just sounds really fun. If I couldn’t go there, I’d go to the Czech Republic. Prague looks so nice. I’d end in Italy so that it looks like I circled around the entire continent.