Humans of Northport: Lily


Dora Fields, Freelancer

My fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Kaiser, is probably the most influential person in my life. I don’t know why, I guess he just showed me that learning could be fun. I’ve had some pretty bad teachers in my life, either because I didn’t like their teaching style, or because I didn’t like the subject. But Mr. Kaiser was a cool dude. He let us have fun in his class, and a lot of other teachers are very no-nonsense. We played this Oregon trail game every day and I would look forward to that. We made teams and countries. My country was named BEK, I think. We learned about the Oregon trail, which I normally wouldn’t retain, but I remember it because of how fun it was. We learned about monarchies and stuff and did presentations, and all of it was so fun. That’s really what I admired about Mr. Kaiser.